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Mill Creek Studios - Logo Sign   

100145RGirl Adoption60.00
100153RBoy Adoption60.00
12238AMini Clown (Retired)40.00
12238BMini Girl Clown (Retired)40.00
12238CMini Boy Clown (Retired)40.00
12238DMini Girl (Retired)40.00
E0514Mother Sew Dear Ornament17.00
E0523Onward Christian Soldiers37.50
E1374GMake A Joyful Noise (Retired)32.50
E2852ABaby Boy (Retired)37.00
E2852EBaby Boy Crawling (Retired)37.00
E3106Mother Sew Dear32.50
E3109The Purr-Fect Grandma32.50
E3114The Lord Bless You and Keep You50.00
E4721The Lord Bless You and Keep You35.00
E5637The Heavenly Light30.00
E5638Cow with Bell32.50
E7158Love Beareth All Things45.00
E9258We are God's Workmanship35.00
E9287RAnd A Child Shall Lead Them49.95
15938May Your Birthday Be Warm15.00
15946Happy Birthday Little Lamb15.00
15954Heaven Bless Your Special Day17.50
15962God Bless You On Your Birthday17.50
15970May Your Birthday Be Gigantic20.00
15989This Day is Something to Roar About22.50
15997Keep Looking Up22.50
16004Bless The Days of Our Youth22.50
100048To My Deer Friend50.00
100072To My Forever Friend55.00
101826No Tears Past the Gate70.00
102385Love Rescued Me Ornament17.00
102393Love Rescued Me (Retired)37.50
104000Come Let Us Adore Him130.00
109460Isn't Eight Just Great22.50
109479Wishing You Grrr-eatness22.50
109886Wishing You a Happy Easter (Retired)35.00
109924Wishing You a Basket Full (Retired)35.00
109967Sending You My Love (Retired)45.95
109983January Girl45.00
109991February Girl37.50
110019March Girl37.50
110027April Girl40.00
110035May Girl35.00
110043June Girl50.00
110051July Girl44.95
110078August Girl50.00
110086September Girl37.50
110108November Girl37.50
111155Faith Takes the Plunge35.00
128309Dreams Really Do Come True37.50
128686Another Year and More Grey18.50
129100I Give You My Love Forever70.00
1291511995 Mother's Day Plate50.00
130184Bell - Special Grandma13.50
130192Ring Holder - Special Mom10.00
136204Angel - It's A Girl Sign22.50
136212Age 2 Girl25.00
136220Age 3 Girl25.00
136239Age 4 Girl27.50
136247Age 5 Girl27.50
136255Age 6 Girl30.00
136263Sweet 16 - Girl w/Flowers45.00
136271You'll Always Be Our Hero40.00
150088I'll Give Him My Heart (Retired)45.00
150096Soot Yourself to a Merry Xmas (Retired)35.00
163597You Are Always There for Me - B49.95
163600You Are Always There for Me - G50.00
163627You Are Always There for Me - B50.00
163694I'd Goat Anywhere with You10.00
163759Age 8 Girl32.50
163775The Sun is Always Shining (Retired)37.50
16381325th Anniversary Couple70.00
16382140th Anniversary Couple70.00
163856Sowing Seeds of Kindness37.50
163899It May Be Greener, But (Retired)37.50
183865Age 9 Girl w/Charms30.00
184268A Bouquet from God's Garden37.95
219258Happy Anniversary Plate12.00
219533First Anniversary12.00
21954125th Anniversary Plate12.00
21956840th Anniversary Plate12.00
21957650th Anniversary Plate12.00
244287Ring Box10.00
251860Love Never Fails12.50
260940From the 1st Time I Spotted (Retired)20.00
261122Lettuce Pray (Retired)16.95
261130Have You Any Room for Jesus35.95
261149Say I Do54.95
272450Make A Joyful Noise29.95
272469I Believe in Miracles24.95
272485You Have Touched So Many Hearts24.95
272507Love One Another29.95
272647Growing in Grace Age 1340.00
272655Growing in Grace Age 1435.00
272663Growing in Grace Age 1540.00
30684320 Years and the Vision's Still the Same55.55.
306959For the Sweetest Tu-Lips32.50
307009Charity Begins in the Heart (Retired)50.00
327158Ivory Look Nativity Set of 930.00
335533January Pretty Girl Heart Box25.00
335541February Pretty Girl Heart Box25.00
335568March Pretty Girl Heart Box25.00
335576April Pretty Girl Heart Box25.00
335584May Pretty Girl Heart Box25.00
335622September Pretty Girl Heart Box25.00
335673December Pretty Girl Heart Box25.00
353396Salt/Pepper Shakers13.50
442259He Cleansed My Soul Nitelite32.50
443425Noah's Ark Musical Nitelite40.00
456004Saying Oui to our Love20.00
455997We're Two of a Kind20.00
456020The Golden Rings20.00
456039Hatching the Perfect20.00
456047Swimming into your Heart20.00
456055Eight Mice20.00
487910Believe It or Knot35.00
487929You're My Honeybee (Retired)20.00
487988What Better to Give30.00
488003Turtle on Train Age 1125.00
488011Panda on Train Age 1225.00
488038Moose on Train Age 1325.00
488089He'll Carry Me45.00
488232Dedicated to God35.00
488240A Very Special Bond70.00
492140You Always Stand Behind Me50.00
505153Have Faith in God50.00
516082Mini Plate12.00
520659Wishing You a Happy Bear Day (Retired)55.00
520667Eggsspecially for You (Retired)50.00
520748Friendship Hits the Spot (Retired)70.00
521000There is no Greater Treasure (Retired)30.00
521191Lord, Spare Me (Retired)37.95
521221Enter HIs Courts36.00
521493A Special Delivery30.00
521515Water-Meloncholy Day35.00
521701Shoot for the Stars60.00
521825May Your Birthday Be Mammoth25.00
521833Being Nine is Just Divine25.00
521841Love is from Above (Retired)100.00
521906Hoppy Easter, Friend (Retired)40.00
521922Safe in the Arms32.50
521981Marching to the Beat36.00
522201Bon Voyage (Retired)118.00
522279A Reflection of His Love50.00
522864Just A Line to Say You're Special (Retir50.0050.00
522872On My Way to a Perfect Day45.95
523178Joy on Arrival55.00
523542You Are the Type I Love45.95
523615Good News is so Uplifting (Retired)70.00
524107Missing You40.00
524123Good Friends are for Always (Retired)32.50
524212Walk in the Sunshine (Retired)35.00
524298May Your Every Wish50.00
524360Something Precious50.00
526037A Prince of a Guy (Retired)35.00
526053Pretty as a Princess35.00
526150Friends to the Very End (Retired)45.00
526835The Lord is with You (Retired)27.50
527335Bless-um You (Retired)35.00
527343Happy Birdie (Retired)17.50
528196Circus Tent90.00
528633To a Very Special Sister60.00
529168Jordan (Retired)40.00
529966Ring out the Good News (Retired)30.00
530913We Have Come (Retired)24.00
530964Sometimes You're Next to 50.95
531022Potty Time (Retired)24.95
531057I Haven't Seen Much13.50
531065What the World Needs is Love (Retired)45.00
531138What a Difference (Retired)100.00
531146Vaya con Dios35.00
531634Who's Gonna Fill - Girl Shoes37.95
531707The Lord is Counting on You32.50
531987Lord, Speak to Me45.00
532002Hallelujah for the Cross (Retired)35.00
532037I Can't Bear to Let You Go (Retired)50.00
532061Who's Gonna Fill - Boy Shoes37.50
532096Lord Help Me to Stay on Course (Retired)35.0035.00
532916Luke 2:110-111 (Retired)37.50
532932It's Almost Time for Santa75.00
539953Lord Police Protect Us45.00
572047Bride/Groom Musical50.00
582808Blue Block Bank15.00
583235Pink Block Bank15.00
603864Nothing Can Dampen35.00
613002They Followed a Star50.00
634964Friendship's a Slice35.00
650013Giving My Heart Freely40.00
679879Bless You25.00
681075A Love Like No Other45.00
694495Three Kings30.00
730149Everything is Beautiful25.00
730211Homemade of Love45.00
795151You are the Queen50.00
795224Cherish Every Step50.00
795348Blessed with a Loving Godmother40.00
804096A Godchild Close - Girl25.00
811815Boy w/Bible Godchild35.00
878855Our First Christmas25.00
878901May Days Be Merry45.00
878995Life is so Uplifting35.00
879126Lord Let Our Friendship40.00
879134Our Friendship was Made35.00
879185Up to our Ears55.00

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